mindfulness course

MBSR - For less stress and worries, calming body and mind

MBSR (Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction program) offers practical tools beneficial for stress reduction, relaxation, pain relief, reduced anxiety, more focus, better sleep. Research shows that a regular practice of mindfulness improves quality of life.

Calm body and mind, take better care of yourself through more awareness of the interplay of mind and body - and mobilize your own inner resources.

The course is recognised internationally, among others in USA and UK, For more info. visit: UMASS Center for Mindfulness

For more information and booking: hegeseglem@hotmail.com

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With mindfulness we practice turning towards ourselves and the world around us with kindness, curiosity and care. We practice to choose where we have our attention, having the choice to rest more in the present and in our senses, and being less lost in thoughts and feelings. This can open up for more peace and happiness.